Herbs Treatments

Honey in Small Doses, Prevents Allergy Problems

Honey in small doses, prevents allergy problemsAs suggested by several experts in nutrition for people with hay fever, mainly children, honey intake can trigger an asthma attack because it contains varying proportions of pollen, spores, fungi, microscopic algae, fungi and even substances toxic to some plants.

It was proven in a scientific study, people who ate two tablespoons of honey a day for 1 month and a half experienced a decrease problems allergy around 75%.

Although honey taken daily in small doses (one teaspoon) can be helpful for preventing allergy problems as it could act as a vaccine.

The water content of the honey is greater than in the refined sugar and for this reason, an equal amount, the caloric value is less than honey sugar (per 100 grams of product, honey provides 300 calories against sugar 400 ). However, the same volume as honey sugar outweighs the caloric difference is negligible.

Herbs Against Allergic Rhinitis

Herbs against allergic rhinitisRhinitis, asthma and bronchitis are caused by allergies, to diminish the symptoms can be found in plants or herbs for a natural remedy against these diseases, mainly rhinitis.

In folk medicine, the ginger tea is a natural remedy to reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and green nettle tea can also treat rhinitis achieve a natural way.

If rhinitis accompanies the phlegm, eucalyptus plant, by tea, help to eliminate them. There are other plants with properties for respiratory problems such as licorice and garlic.

The plants mentioned above, the juice of 4 lemons and 3 tablespoons of honey can help ease coughing. Also herbs mint, mallow marshmallow and help reduce coughing.

All these herbs can be very effective in treating naturally allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma and dry cough.
Echinacea teas are excellent for allergies, can be ingested as tea or vapors do with this herb.

Make an appointment with your physician before eating, especially if you are taking medication for allergies .